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Is Sedation Dentistry for You?

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Getting dental work done can be challenging, especially when you’re dealing with a busy schedule or dental fears.

A lot of people are curious about sedation dentistry, but don’t know what questions to ask or even if sedation is right for them.

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Why Does Dr. Muhammad Love Sedation Dentistry for His Patients?

‘‘Some people avoid the dentist for many years because of a bad experience, or because of extreme anxiety or fear. We want you to know we will never judge or criticize you about the current condition of your smile! Our goal is to help you improve your oral health in the safest, most relaxing way possible.’’

Dr. Sultan Muhammad, Sedation Dentist for Burke, VA

There are 3 Main Types of Sedation:

Balloon icons to represent nitrous oxide which is one of our sedation dentistry options
Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous oxide is inhaled during your treatment, leaving you awake but completely relaxed. This is the perfect solution for people who experience some anxiety during a dental visit but need only a light level of sedation.
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Oral Sedation
Medication is administered before your visit that offers different levels of relaxation – from minimal to moderate – depending on the dosage. This is a good option for those who will be having multiple treatments during a single visit.
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Deep Sedation
Administered by controlled IV, this fast-acting sedation will keep you comfortably asleep during your visit. You’ll wake-up rested, with your procedure already completed, and no memory of your treatment.

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Our dentists are Certified to Administer IV Sedation

A patient under sedation

Our dentists have received advanced training that enables them to deliver IV sedation very safely and effectively.

How does this benefit you?

Being able to administer medication with an IV allows them to be more flexible in managing patient care during treatment. IV sedation allows for faster onset of sedation and the ability to instantly adjust to any and all circumstances that may arise during treatment.

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you away from the dentist.

Could Sedation Dentistry Help You Overcome Your Fears?
Find out how Dr. Ruparelia gave Marty trust in dentistry again!

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‘‘I was comfortable and woke up relatively pain free. My procedure required heavy sedation and drugs but for the most part I can't complain. To say that I was completely without pain is obviously a stretch but under the care of doctor R. I knew that everything was going to be OKAY.’’

Chris T., Actual Patient

Healthy Smile + 0% Anxiety = Patient Satisfaction

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All In One Place

Sedation is done in-house by our experienced and certified team.

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Saves You Time

Sedation dentistry allows our dentists to do more in a single appointment.

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You Can Relax

You won’t have to hear noises or feel pressure from the dental equipment.

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Life is a Dream

You won’t feel pain and will remember very little from your appointment.

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