Implant-Retained Teeth

Dentures slipping? Implant-retained teeth are the answer!

A 21st Century Solution

Smiling woman with implant-retained dentures

At one time, there were very few options for replacing missing and damaged teeth.

Bridges and dentures, while good options at the time, had definite drawbacks and didn’t provide the real solution people were looking for.

A more reliable, permanent solution that looked and functioned like natural teeth was still needed.

Implant-retained teeth are that solution!

Implant-Retained Teeth Provide a Permanent Solution to a Frustrating Situation

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Dr. Daliah Bazerbashi

Why Choose Implant-Retained Teeth?

Because there's nothing like the real thing!

Mature couple smiling from implant-retained dentures


  • Nothing looks, feels, or functions more like your natural teeth.
  • No loose or slipping dentures causing embarrassment or sore spots.
  • Eat and talk in comfort and with full function again.
  • Improved oral health.
  • Self-esteem – you’ll love your smile again.
  • Solve your dental problems once and for all!

We Have a Solution For All of your Dental Implant Needs

And many can be accomplished in one, comfortable visit!

Single tooth option for dental implants

Single Tooth Option

Implants are the most natural-looking dental option available. You can forget about your dental problems forever and get on with enjoying life.

Bridge dental implant

Multiple Teeth Option

A permanent and cost-effective solution to multiple missing teeth. You’ll enjoy a return to full function and unbelievable levels of comfort and confidence.

Full arch implant

Full Arch Option

Implant-retained teeth sit on implant abutments, not on your gums, so they don’t chafe or create sore spots on your sensitive gums.

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