Root Canals in Burke, VA

Preserve your natural teeth for years to come.

Avoid a Tooth Extraction

Save your tooth and relieve severe tooth pain.

A diagram of a Root Canal

Extreme tooth pain and sensitivity can ruin your quality of life.

A root canal procedure eliminates bacteria from the infected tooth and prevents reinfection.

Our dentists’ skills and extensive training alleviate infected teeth from toothaches and sensitivity. But, the longer you postpone treatment, the more decay you risk.

Our goal is to restore your tooth’s function and maintain as much of your natural tooth as possible.

How Root Canals Help You

Your teeth hold the key to your smile and overall good health, and a root canal can protect that.
Preserves Natural Teeth
A root canal treatment can be better than an extraction to save more of your natural tooth.
Saves Time
Your entire treatment will be done in-house, eliminating the need for referrals.
Easy Routine
Root canals don’t need extra upkeep. Just keep brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist!
Quick Treatment
It can be done in just one or two appointments depending on the condition of your tooth.
Lasts For Years
On average, a root canal treatment lasts for 15 years.
Pain Relief
Start eating and talking again, this time – without the pain.

‘‘Dr.Mohammad does an excellent and painless job. He has earned my complete trust over last 4 years.’’

Manjunath H., 5-Star Google Review

FAQ About Root Canals

  • What exactly is a root canal?

    A root canal is the removal of inflamed or infected tissue in your tooth. Once it’s removed, the inside of your tooth is:

    • Disinfected thoroughly
    • Filled and sealed

    The soft tissue removed is referred to as “pulp” and helps grow the root of your tooth during its development. A fully developed tooth can function without the pulp because it’ll be nourished by other tissue surrounding it!

    We know the thought of a root canal can be scary, especially if you aren’t familiar with it.

    But we’re here to help.

    Our dentists provide extensive information during your consultation and welcome you to voice any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied, even before the treatment process.

  • Do root canals hurt?

    No, a root canal doesn’t hurt.

    With our dentists’ expertise combined with modern dental technology, you’ll have a:

    • Stress-free experience
    • Effective treatment
    • Quicker healing process

    All to get you back on your feet to smile, talk, and eat normally again.

  • Am I a candidate for a root canal?

    You may be a candidate for a root canal if you’ve experienced:

    • Severe tooth or gum pain, especially when eating
    • Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold sensations
    • Deep tooth decay
    • Darkened gums
    • A chipped or cracked tooth

    The best way to find out if a root canal is a solution for you is to schedule an appointment…Open a new window to request an appointment online… at Burke Centre Dental Arts today.

  • Are root canals expensive?

    Most dental insurances provide coverage for endodontic treatment. However, the cost of a root canal depends on several factors. The extent of your tooth damage and the location of your tooth are primary factors in determining the cost.

    For your convenience, we offer a wide range of payment options for new patients, including:

    Keep in mind, every patient is different and requires individualized needs. Ask us how much a root canal will cost you.

  • How soon can I eat after a root canal?

    It’s important to note that while you can resume your day after your root canal procedure, you should wait to eat until the numbness is gone!

    During your procedure, the area will be numbed to ensure comfort.

    That’s why it’s important not to chew anything after – you may bite your cheeks and tongue by accident. Eating soft foods for a few days after your treatment is also highly recommended.

Enjoy Smiling and Eating Again!
Schedule your root canal exam at our Burke dental office today.