A middle-aged couple stands on the beach and smiles.By far, the most ideal option for replacing one or more missing teeth is with dental implants. Fairfax, VA area dentist, Dr. McMillan, finds that dental implants are more comfortable and convenient than most other replacement options. Because of the many benefits they offer in both function and aesthetics, dental implants are becoming more and more popular by both patients and dentists.

Dental implants are a direct replacement for the missing tooth and tooth root. The implant itself is implanted into the jawbone, and the two fuse together in a process called oseointegration. Once fusion is complete, your dentist will attach a crown or artificial tooth to the implant. The result is a fully functioning set of new teeth that look and feel just as natural as the ones you were born with.

If you have one or more missing teeth and are considering your replacement options, you may be wondering if you are a candidate for dental implants by your Fairfax, VA dentist. A good candidate is in optimal general and oral health, with enough bone in the jaw to support the implant. Ideally, anyone who is considering dental implants shouldn’t smoke, as this raises the risk for implant failure.

Having missing teeth is one of the most troublesome problems a person may ever encounter. Replacement is necessary, not only for your self-esteem, but for your overall health. No other tooth-replacement option targets both appearance and health like dental implants do. If you are considering your tooth-replacement options and want more information on dental implants, Fairfax, VA dental office, McMillan & Associates, can help. Call today for your consultation with Dr. McMillan!

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