Couple hugging and smilingYears ago your dental bridge or crown may have felt top-of-the-line. But these days it’s not sitting as tight as it used to. Or perhaps it appears discolored and glaringly obvious when you smile.

What can you do? An expert in dentistry, serving Alexandria, Burke,  and surrounding areas, Dr. McMillan recommends addressing these issues sooner rather than later and explains why.

Poorly made or designed crowns and bridges present numerous issues. This can include experiencing a loose fit, a porcelain fracture, an opening near the gum-line, improper shape or coloring, and difficulties with the teeth that are supporting the dental treatment.

A loose fitting bridge can indicate there is not enough tooth to support the dental treatment. Or that the mechanical preparation of the supporting tooth was not adequate, allowing tooth decay to form under it. A porcelain fracture sometimes has occurred if a dentist misjudged the mechanics of your bite or a processing error occurred in the laboratory. Of concern should be any open spaces between the bridge (or crown) and its supporting tooth since it then becomes a target for cavities.

Some crowns or bridges may have been designed too bulky or slim, irritating the cheek or trapping food between teeth. If the material used was too light, dark or opaque, the resulting concern you have may be cosmetic in nature.

Whatever your oral health concern may be, Dr. McMillan, our dentistry expert for Alexandria , can help. His experience with veneers, implants, teeth whitening, crowns, fillings, and countless other facets of dentistry will leave you smiling again! Contact us today.


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