Cosmetic Dentist Washington DC Do you gingerly chew in an attempt to avoid putting pressure on a certain tooth? Your cosmetic dentist for Washington DC can help! Does a flash of pain result as hot or cold liquids wash over a particular section of your mouth? Dr. McMillan knows what to do!

The enamel surface of a tooth is strong and durable. However, it is not indestructible. Over time, for various reasons, this biting surface can weaken and lead to discomfort as sensitive nerves become nearly exposed.

Since you still have the tooth, why not use it to the full? Trying to avoid chewing solid food with a weak tooth is awkward. What can be done to strengthen such a tooth?

When teeth are weak, a dental crown can be used to surround and reinforce the tooth. The biting surface is upgraded and the original tooth beneath preserved. The crown is matched to your tooth color so it maintains a natural appearance amongst your other teeth.

With such a relatively simple procedure, Dr. McMillan can restore the normal function of your tooth! Call to book your consultation today with this amazing cosmetic dentist serving Washington DC. You won’t regret it!


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