Best Dentist Washington DC The best dentist for Washington DC understands that you not only need top-quality product, but also efficient service. The more time you spend in the dentist chair, the less time you spend at work. If technology allows eyeglasses to be crafted in an hour, why shouldn’t there be a similar turnaround for tooth restorations, such as crowns?

Investing in the finest for you, McMillan & Associates present the E4D Dentist System. Not only is it capable of streamlining the time required to design and mill a dental crown, it features state-of-the-art imaging technology that allows for a more precise, natural-appearing restoration!

Conventional methods for crown restorations require on your initial dental visit that you bite on a sticky material that allows for a more or less accurate impression of your teeth. Using the E4D Dentist System however, such untidy methods are made obsolete. Sit back while we quickly and painlessly scan your prepared tooth with a laser wand, and then wirelessly send the information to an in-office milling station that begins to virtually design your highly accurate restoration. You can even preview how it will look!

Instead of wearing a temporary restoration for up to four weeks while an outside lab constructs a crown, our clinic offers a much superior turnaround time! Same-Day Dentistry is possible with the science of E4D! The design software allows for even cusps, contours, grooves, and other anatomical features to be added! Completing the natural look and feel of your crown, we’ll customize the shade and luster to complement your facial features.

Don’t settle for less than the best dentist serving the Washington DC area! Consult McMillan & Associates today to schedule your appointment.


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