A woman standing outside breathing in air, relaxing about getting dental care with SleepGuardian anesthesia

Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep during your dental appointment? Feel no pain and wake up with no memory of it?

At Burke Centre Dental Arts, you can sleep through your entire dental appointment.

That’s right: no pain, no sense of time or smell, no recollection of the visit, and, more importantly, no fear!


With SleepGuardian’s physician anesthesiologists and our certified sedation dentist, Dr. Alex McMillan.

What is SleepGuardian Anesthesia?

SleepGuardian provides in-office general anesthesia… This text opens a new tab to the SleepGuardian website… through physician anesthesiologists.

Physician anesthesiologists… This text opens a new tab to the SleepGuardian about page… are medical doctors with board-certification in general anesthesia. They have high levels of training in anesthesia, airway, and emergency management.

General anesthesia is a medication that puts you in a sleep-like state. It’s what they use at hospitals before you undergo a procedure or surgery.

Dr. McMillan’s partnership with SleepGuardian anesthesiologists allows us to offer you hospital-level sedation and safety in our office.

Why choose Dr. McMillan for sedation dentistry in Burke, VA?

Here’s are the top benefits of choosing sedation dentistry with Dr. McMillian and SleepGuardian:

1. Feel no pain

You won’t feel any pain or pressure during your dental procedure.

If you struggle to get numb with local anesthesia or relax with other sedation methods, this may be your best option.

With IV sedation, SleepGuardian will monitor and adjust your treatment to keep you asleep and pain-free throughout the procedure.

2. No memory of dental work

When you wake up, you won’t remember the procedure.

You’ll likely still feel sleepy afterward, so you’ll need someone to drive you home.

3. Familiar dental office

You don’t have to go to a hospital or outside referral for your dental care.

We can complete everything you need at our dental office in Burke, VA.

Many patients find having a familiar setting and dental team helps ease dental nerves.

4. Shorter treatment time

Having board-certified anesthesiologists in-office will speed up the time it takes to get you sedated.

The procedure will go quicker by having you asleep vs. needing breaks.

On your end, the treatment will fly by. You won’t have any concept of time while you’re under IV sedation.

5. Save money

Avoiding the hospital will save you extra costs and fees.

6. Safety (part 1)

SleepGuardian’s anesthesiologists have received extensive training to become board-certified in general anesthesia.

They’ll work closely with Dr. McMillan to understand the type of procedure you need and follow hospital-level standards of safety.

7. Safety (part 2)

With SleepGuardian’s supervision over your sedation, Dr. McMillan can focus solely on your dental care and eliminate distractions.

8. Accessible

In a hospital setting, you may not meet your anesthesiologist until it’s time to sedate you.

But with SleepGuardian’s anesthesiologists, they’ll be there for you before, during, and after your procedure. They’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns.

9. No referral needed

You don’t need a referral to seek the care of Dr. McMillian. We’re a full-service general dentistry practice offering:

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10. Get your smile back

Have you been neglecting your smile? Avoiding the dentist?

With sleep dentistry, you can get all the treatments you need without fear.

11. End your fear of the dentist

This level of sedation dentistry is the ultimate way to conquer your fears.

All those reasons that keep holding you back – pain, time, smells, sounds – will be non-existent during your treatment.

Meet your dream team (literally!)

Your comfort is paramount at our dental office. However, we understand that sometimes compassion and gentle chairside manners aren’t enough.

That’s why Dr. McMillan took his training a step further to become a certified sedation dentist in the state of Virginia. You deserve a smile you love, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you achieve that – even if you’re sleeping!

Our partnership with SleepGuardian allows us to offer you the highest level of sedation in the safest and most comfortable environment possible.

Watch this short video to learn more about the benefits of sedation dentistry at our Burke dental office.

Want to sleep during your dental procedure?

Contact us to schedule an appointment for sleep dentistry!

We see patients from all over Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., including Burke, Alexandria, Fairfax, Richmond, and Chantilly.

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