DDS AlexandriaBeautiful, valuable items are often put on display to be seen, but they’re also secured and protected at great lengths. Dr. McMillan DDS encourages Alexandria residents to take that same approach when it comes to their teeth. There’s nothing like possessing a healthy, dazzling smile that attracts attention and boosts self-esteem. You may not have people trying to steal your teeth from you, but your pearly whites need protection and security nonetheless.

Sugars, acidic foods and various beverages result in a daily, relentless attack against tooth enamel. Left unchecked, the results can be tooth decay, gum disease and other serious oral health issues. An active lifestyle, including playing high-impact sports can also lead to damage or loss of teeth due to accident or injury. Even while sleeping, teeth can be susceptible to unnecessary wear and tear due to nighttime clenching and teeth grinding.

In protecting your precious smile both day and night, the professionals at McMillan & Associates have the resources and expertise to help you along the way. This includes numerous modern dental services to achieve the healthy, picture-perfect smile you’ll want to share with others. To retain and protect that Hollywood smile you possess, Dr. McMillan encourages bi-annual visits for a thorough teeth cleaning and oral health inspection.

To protect teeth during high impact activities, McMillan & Associates can create a custom-fit mouthguard that matches the unique contours of your mouth, making it more comfortable and maximizing the protective benefits. Custom made nightguards can also be crafted to provide a smooth, even surface that cushions teeth from tooth-on-tooth grinding, preserving the integrity of the teeth and helping prevent TMJ disorder.

Dr. McMillan DDS is aiding Alexandria residents to proudly put their smiles on display while taking necessary steps to ensure those grins are safe and secure for a long time.

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