As your family dentist in Burke and Alexandria, Dr. Alex McMillan and
each of our associate dentists believe in making you an advocate for
your own dental health. This is why today’s post brings you some
interesting information regarding the surprising dental benefits of
drinking tea!

We know that the terrific patients of McMillan & Associates
strive to take excellent care of their teeth, with good brushing and
flossing habits, a balanced diet, and regular visits to our offices in
Virginia. But if you also enjoy drinking the occasional cup of green or
black tea, you’ll be happy to learn that doing so may be beneficial to
your oral health as well!

Black tea naturally contains a small amount of fluoride. Fluoride
has been recognized by the American Dental Association for decades as a
safe, effective means to prevent tooth decay. Many have access to
fluoride in local water supplies; also concentrated fluoride treatments
are recommended and available from your family dentist in Burke and
Alexandria at McMillan & Associates.

Green tea also has dental benefits! It is believed that green tea
may inhibit the enzyme that causes plaque to form in the mouth. While
it is certainly not a fool proof plaque fighter, a balanced amount of
green tea as a part of your diet certainly adds a little something to
your dental health efforts.

Ultimately, nothing is going to replace good old daily hygiene habits
and regular teeth cleanings and dental screenings at your family
dentist in Burke or Alexandria like one of the qualified professionals
at McMillan & Associates! Contact us today to learn more about how
you can advance your dental health and keep your teeth forever.

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