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Enjoy Exceptionally Whiter Teeth and No Sensitivity with the KöR Whitening System

Get a Whiter Wedding Day Smile with KöR Whitening

What are your reasons for wanting a naturally white smile? Perhaps a special event, like a wedding, graduation, or trip, means you want your smile to look its best at every photo opportunity. Our dentists in Burke, VA are thrilled to offer our patients the KöR Whitening System at our Burke dental office. This truly phenomenal teeth whitening process ensures exceptional results for each and every patient.

Why Choose the KöR Whitening System?

Many people choose professional in-office teeth whitening to maximize the potential results. However, several factors deter patients from taking the plunge or cause disappointment:

  1. Discomfort and tooth sensitivity
  2. Unpredictable results
  3. Inability to reverse difficult stains

The revolutionary science behind the KöR Whitening process addresses all these issues to provide long-lasting whitening, little to no sensitivity, and miraculous results on super-resistant stains.

What are the benefits of the KöR Whitening System?

How Does the KöR Whitening System Work?

The fundamental problem with whitening gels is that the strength of the chemicals that whiten your teeth are affected by exposure to these factors:

  1. Higher temperatures during transportation and shipping
  2. Saliva in your mouth diluting the gel
  3. With time the chemicals break down becoming less effective

Store-bought teeth whitening kits and professional whitening treatments available at the dentist are all affected by these elements which reduce the ability of the gel to whiten your teeth to their full potential. How is KöR whitening different?

Maximizing Gel Potency

Heat is an enemy for whitening gels. The makers of KöR take considerable effort to ensure that the gel is continuously refrigerated from the moment it leaves the manufacturing plant until it arrives at your dentist’s office. The take-home gels you receive to maintain your results need to stored in the refrigerator immediately after your dental visit.

It takes very little saliva to contaminate whitening gel.  The uniquely designed KöR-Seal™ trays provide a seal to reduce contact with saliva. The trays can be used for nighttime teeth whitening to provide 6-10 hours of exposure as compared to around 30 minutes using other options.

Another KöR innovation is the delivery system of the gel. The active chemicals in teeth whitening gels break down over time. A triple barrel configuration ensures that the active ingredients are kept separate until the moment they are applied, maximizing the effectiveness of the formulation.

Reducing Tooth Sensitivity

Most whitening treatments result in at least some sensitivity in the day following the application and even discomfort during the procedure. KöR desensitizers are applied by your dentist before the gel and daily by the patient at home. The science behind what reduces tooth sensitivity is impressive. Basically, rather than treating the symptoms of tooth sensitivity, the desensitizer prevents the physical change that causes the discomfort. If you want the details, read more under How does the KöR Whitening System combat the sensitivity issue?

The KöR Whitening System does not use bleaching lights or lasers like other methods. Various clinical studies have proven that the photon energy from the lights and lasers combined with the hydrogen peroxide bleaching process actually causes tooth sensitivity and pain.

Reliable, Exceptional Results

It’s no surprise that, based on what we’ve already discussed, the KöR Whitening System works better than any other teeth whitening method. In fact, it can lighten your teeth up to 16 shades or more. The KöR system penetrates deep to whiten even tetracycline-stained teeth by restoring your teeth’s natural ability to absorb oxygen.

Everyone’s smile is different. Your cosmetic dentist can determine the best treatment protocol using the KöR system to give you stunning results. To get the most of your treatment and experience truly white teeth, you may need to follow up any in-office whitening visit with a certain number of at-home whitening treatments. To maintain your bright smile, your dentist may recommend a periodic, long-term maintenance program to deliver lasting, cost-effective results.

Does It Really Work?

Meet Patricia. With her winter wedding approaching, she wanted to make sure her day was perfect down to the smallest detail. With all eyes and cameras on the bride, it’s vital that she looks absolutely stunning on her wedding day, including the right gown, hairstyle, makeup, and breath-taking smile.

Our Burke dentist prescribed Patricia the KöR Whitening System including the KöR-Night™ home whitening protocol. Her results were simply stunning!

Patricia says, “I’ve always been a little self-conscience about my smile and usually opt out of showing my teeth in photos. But, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get away with that on my wedding day… I was pleasantly surprised with the easy-to-use tray system and how quickly I saw results!”

Get KöR Whitening at Your Burke Cosmetic Dentist

Our dentists are passionate about giving our patients the confident smile they deserve. We offer the KöR Whitening System at our Burke dental office so we can eliminate the doubts, pain, and unpredictability of other professional teeth whitening treatments. Enjoy a natural, truly white smile for that special occasion or confident smile every day!

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