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A little pre-planning can pay off big time!

Burke and Alexandria, we know how busy we all get over the Spring and Summer! We wanted to put together some healthy eating tips to help you perform your best during all your activities this year.

For before, during and after exercising, your body needs some specific nutrition and support. We put together some ideas and also a few actual recipes and ideas to help simplify this process for you!


First and foremost, before, during and after any activity…or just your regular day…your body needs water! Simple water will help keep nutrition moving through your system, allow your muscles to stretch and contract without injury, and enhance your performance by preventing dehydration.


Focus on fruit, whole grains, some fat and protein to give you sustained energy through your activity. Here are some great simple ideas to put this into practice!

Whole grain toast with peanut butter and sliced banana on top
A handful of almonds, and some yogurt with fruit and a little honey
A homemade smoothie with greek yogurt, some frozen fruit, and a spoonful of peanut butter


If your workout is going to be an exceptionally long or intense one, here are a few simple choices to help you get the approximate 30 grams that nutritionists recommend for every 30-60 minutes of exercise, depending on intensity. They can also easily be carried in a pack or on a bike for accessibility:

Small prepackaged or pre-made fruit and yogurt smoothie
Healthy cookies, like those found here


Proteins are what your body is craving now. Adding plenty of vegetables will also give you some healthy carbohydrates without weighing your system down. Here are some simple dishes you could have all the prep completed for before you leave the house, or you could even order dishes similar to this in a restaurant once you know what your body really needs:

Salad topped with chicken or legumes
Omelet with lots of veggies and some cheese
Salmon and sweet potatoes

Seeing some real ideas in place can help take CONCEPTS of healthy eating and turn it into ACTION. And we all know that ACTION is what truly brings RESULTS!


Taking some time to prepare some healthy snacks at home can save you not only big bucks, but big time on your health!

Fruits and Veggies: A given of course, but taking the time at the beginning of the week to wash and pre-pack a variety of combos will prevent a lot of reaching for chips and sweet!

Yogurt: Mix your own combos at home with fresh fruit and a little honey. Throw a few in the freezer for a quick on the go treat!

Whole grain cracker with healthy toppings: Think cheese sticks, hummus, chicken or egg salad. Make ahead and be ready to go!


The last think you want to do now is COOK, right? A little prep before you leave can enable you to come home to a great, fresh summer dinner instead of grabbing pizza or burgers. We found a site that puts your crock pot to work for fabulous Summer dishes! Check it out here:

Summer Crock Pot Recipes

Your Alexandria Dentist wants to do all we can to help you have a happy healthy Summer! Please feel free to share your tips and recipes that help you stay on track in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


Happy exercise and eating everyone!

Do you have a favorite recipe or tip for fueling before, during or after a workout or staying on track during busy days? Please feel free to share it in the comments below or on our Facebook Page!

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