Dental Practice Alexandria Feeling a little “long-in-the-tooth” as your gums appear to recede? McMillan & Associates dental practice offers Alexandria residents not only an explanation but also a solution!

Gum recession is not something that happens overnight. In fact, we may not even notice it until someone else brings it up or sudden discomfort demands we give it attention. Are your gums receding? If they are, what caused it?

If you feel increasingly sensitive to hot and cold, or sweet, sour or spicy foods, your gums may no longer be in a position to protect the roots from external stimuli. You may even notice your teeth appear longer or with increased spacing between them – this is the result of gum recession.

There are several possible causes for gum recession and it’s important to identify yours. For example, overaggressive brushing at the gum line can scrub away vital protective barriers. If this is the case, a suggestion will be made to use a softer brush and a gentler touch to prevent further damage.

Other factors, such as the abnormal positioning of certain teeth, can mean they won’t receive adequate bone and tissue protection. Or improper dental hygiene can allow an overabundance of bacteria and enzymes to build up between teeth, eating away important shielding defenses. McMillan & Associates can provide you with a treatment plan before your situation deteriorates further!

Exposure to high amounts of acid (such as from repeated vomiting) or certain products (like chewing tobacco) will affect the membrane lining within the mouth, leading to gum recession. Lip or tongue piercings that result in continuous friction against gum tissue also promote its recession. As you can see, our clinic promotes awareness to allow our patients the best opportunity to maintain their oral health!

Consult McMillan & Associates dental practice for Alexandria today, to pinpoint not only the cause of any oral health issues you may be facing but also the solutions!


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