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Family Dentistry Gives Burke Residents Thumbs-Up on Chewing Gum!

Does it grate on you to see your teenager vigorously chewing gum morning, noon, and night? Dr. McMillan’s practice in family dentistry now presents Burke parents with some positive news: gum may be preserving your child’s oral health! Really?

Yes, chewing gum can be of benefit to teeth and gums. Essential though is taking careful note of what kind of gum you should be keeping in supply.

When sugary drinks or foods mix with the film of clear plaque always present on your teeth, it creates an acid. This acid then attacks the hard outer layer of each tooth (the enamel) and causes decay or expands on already present decay.

Each acid attack created by the consumption of sugar lasts for 20 minutes. Imagine that, acid eating away at your precious enamel with every passing minute. Do you feel moved to try something that’ll reduce the power of that onslaught?

Since brushing and flossing aren’t always a realistic option following every sugary snack, chewing gum may be more feasible. As you chew, extra cleansing saliva is produced which assists in washing away building acids. The key is that the gum must be sugarless! This cannot be emphasized enough!

That being said, sugarless chewing gum can only be expected to do so much and certainly can’t replace proper oral hygiene habits. For this reason, our family dentistry clinic in Burke strongly encourages regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings for the preservation of your health. Consult Dr. McMillan today!


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