Teeth Whitening AlexandriaBeen thinking about your teeth whitening options in Alexandria? Well you won’t be disappointed under the care of Drs. McMillan and LaViola. These highly-trained dentists have the experience and expertise to make sure your time at McMillan & Associates is successful and comfortable. Their following treatments are safe and effective where your true smile will shine through.

The following teeth whitening treatments include:

Take-home whitening system: A set of whitening trays are custom-made to fit with the contours of your teeth for comfortable wear. These trays are worn daily and will be able to whiten the hard-reaching cracks and angles of your teeth. Drs. McMillan and LaViola will determine how long and often you wear the trays to reach your desired results quickly and efficiently.

Zoom! in-office whitening: If you want results in less than an hour, then Zoom! is for you! Placing special concentrations of bleaching solution directly on the teeth, a high-tech light bleaches your teeth fast. Not only will you get your radiant smile instantly, the results will last a long time. You can even get longer, effective results by following up with our take-home whitening system.

Our effective treatments will remove discolorations from your teeth allowing you to show-off your smile proudly. Don’t let dull colored teeth be the reason you stop smiling; call Drs. McMillan and LaViola today for a consultation.

We Changed Our Name


McMillan Sedation Dentistry is now Burke Centre Dental Arts!


We're still the same great dentist and team you've come to know and trust, but we thought it was time our name better reflects all the dental services we offer under one convenient roof.


P.S. We also updated our website URL to smileeasy.com because that's what we do; help you smile easy, pain-free, and confidently.

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