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One of the best Dentists in Burke just got even better

He’s done it again! Dr. McMillan one of the leading dentists in Burke, just made your dental care at McMillan & Associates even better! How? Read on to find out what exciting development just happened that will affect you and your family.

Wasn’t he already a sedation dentist?

Dr. McMillan is already known as one of the best sedation dentists in Burke and Alexandria. But not satisfied with that, he wanted to enhance his patient’s experience by adding to his already considerable skills as a sedation dentist by being able to administer IV sedation personally to his patients.

To do this, he recently finished training at the University of Birmingham for his certification in IV sedation. The intensive 60-hour course involved the management of 20 different patient experiences, so it covered a broad range of possible treatment scenarios.

After having gotten actual field experience during his training in managing patients and IV sedation throughout treatment, Dr. McMillan is very excited about using this extensive training to help his patients enjoy a better dental experience.

One of the doctor's success stories during his training

A success story

How does Dr. McMillan’s IV certification benefit you?

At McMillan & Associates, we offer a variety of sedation options; nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and deep sedation. IV sedation is deep sedation and involves administering sedation medication directly into the bloodstream using an intravenous line.

  • IV sedation induces a deeper state of relaxation. Its effect goes beyond the effects of nitrous or oral sedation, but you are still able to understand and respond to Dr. McMillan throughout your treatment.
  • Dr. McMillan can continuously monitor your comfort level. He is able to personally make any needed adjustments in sedation levels.
  • Most people remember little or nothing about their treatment afterwards. This effect makes it a very effective treatment for those who may need complicated or lengthy procedures.
  • It helps our patients who deal with dental anxiety,For our patients who deal with profound dental anxiety, it makes it possible to receive the care they need while remaining totally relaxed and in control.

For Dr. McMillan, the greatest benefits of IV sedation have to do with being more flexible in managing the patient’s experience. IV sedation allows for faster onset of sedation since it enters directly into the blood stream.

It also allows for instant adjustments in the depth of sedation during treatment and quickly reversing the effects at the end of a procedure. These advantages allow Dr. McMillan to adjust to any and all circumstances that may arise during treatment and offer his patients completely comfortable and efficient treatment.

We want to congratulate Dr. McMillan on his achievement and add that we at McMillan & Associates are very proud to be part of the team of such a caring and highly skilled doctor.

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