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Did you know that individuals who have diabetes may be more prone to developing oral health problems than those without the disease? Dentists in Alexandra agree that diabetics need to develop a good partnership with their dentist to ensure that good oral hygiene continues to be maintained.


Studies show that with a lowered immune system, diabetics appear more susceptible to developing oral health issues including serious gum disease (periodontal disease) along with fungal infections.


One such infection is oral candidiasis, which is also known as thrush. Individuals with this condition can experience red or white patches forming in the oral cavity. These can cause discomfort and may eventually progress into the formation of ulcers. Some patients may also develop a painful, burning sensation on their tongue, as well as experience difficulty in swallowing.


Diabetics experiencing an inability to maintain regular glucose levels are at an increased risk of developing thrush. Smoking, taking antibiotics and the wearing of dentures are also thought to increase the likelihood of thrush.


Being a diabetic puts your health at a definite disadvantage, so regular brushing, flossing and dental visits are essential. Dr. McMillan can provide professional assistance in resolving oral health problems including periodontal disease and thrush. At McMillan & Associates, our dentists located in Alexandria and Burke would be pleased to assist you in maintaining your oral health and an ear-to-ear smile.


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