Mobile oral hygiene from your dentist in AlexandriaMost forms of travel, particularly flying, can put a real crimp on efforts to keep mouths feeling clean and smelling fresh. As your go-to dentist for Burke, Dr. McMillan knows that all too often, oral health can suffer due to hectic schedules, airplane carry-on restrictions, or even confiscated toothpaste at security checkpoints.

If that’s ever been the case for you and your smile, consider an interesting product for tooth-care that is relatively new on the scene — toothpaste tablets. These tablets are neither liquid nor paste, so can therefore be carried on planes without affecting your 3-1-1 kit. Easy to have on hand at all times, just pop the tablet in the mouth and chew it until it reaches toothpaste consistency. Then brush, rinse and teeth are cleaned, and breath is back on track.

Do some research to see if toothpaste tablets have what it takes to keep you smiling at your best, regardless of where you are at the time. Maintaining good oral hygiene requires preventive action, including scheduling regular check-ups from your highly skilled dentist in Alexandria. Feel free to contact us at McMillan & Associates today.

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