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Teeth play a vital role in chewing and digesting food, in speaking clearly, smiling proudly, and in promoting good overall health. Your dentist for Fairfax VA knows a lot about teeth – but how much do you know about your own pearly whites?


1. Incisors—These are the 8 teeth (4 on the top/4 on the bottom) located in the front of the mouth and most visible to others when we smile and speak. They are used when taking bites of food and they play an essential part in clear, understandable speech.



2. Canines—These 4 teeth are found next to the outer incisor teeth, one in each quadrant of the mouth (e.g. Upper left, lower right). These teeth are sharp and useful in tearing and ripping food apart, making it easier to swallow and promoting necessary digestion.


3. Molars—The next teeth are the 8 premolars/bicuspids with 2 located in each quadrant of the mouth. 8 more molars are found next in line in a similar pattern as the premolars. These 16 teeth have flattened crowns with prominent ridges and play an important part in crushing and grinding food, and are commonly the teeth that develop cavities.


That takes us to 28 teeth. Some individuals also develop 4 more teeth called third molar teeth, more commonly known as wisdom teeth. These teeth can sometimes require removal by the dentist due to overcrowding in the oral cavity.


Your teeth are instrumental in enjoying a happy, healthy lifestyle. Dr. McMillan is well known as a high quality dentist for Fairfax VA residents and he would be happy to help you keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Contact us at McMillan & Associates today.


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