A woman in a red shirt with a BIG smile because she whitened her teeth safely at this Northern, VA dental clinic. When you think of a beautiful smile reflecting health and vitality it’s always sparkling white, isn’t it? McMillan & Associates Dental Clinic in Alexandria asks why can’t that describe your smile?

Perhaps you’re wary of having a less than successful teeth-whitening experience because you’ve heard of painful incidents. Ensure a happy conclusion by using our experience in the field of dentistry, since we know which factors must not be overlooked before even beginning a whitening procedure.

Your current oral health plays a role in your results, something you may not have considered before using a drugstore whitening kit. Tooth decay, sensitive or cracked teeth, infections and gum problems should be addressed before any tooth whitening products are used or you could experience extreme discomfort. Worse, the whitening process may aggravate an existing problem.

Our oral health experts will help determine the cause of discoloration, whether it is the result of injury, stains from food or tobacco, antibiotic treatment as a child or other causes. Using this knowledge, we will select a suitable whitening method or product specific to you.

The American Dental Association reminds the public of dangers incurred when using whitening chemicals and procedures without the care or supervision of a licensed dentist: if the chemicals used to whiten teeth are not applied properly, they could damage soft and hard tissues in the mouth.

White, sparkling teeth are desirable, but having a healthy smile is important too. Visit Burke Centre Dental Arts in Alexandria to discover your smile potential!


We Changed Our Name


McMillan Sedation Dentistry is now Burke Centre Dental Arts!


We're still the same great dentist and team you've come to know and trust, but we thought it was time our name better reflects all the dental services we offer under one convenient roof.


P.S. We also updated our website URL to smileeasy.com because that's what we do; help you smile easy, pain-free, and confidently.

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