Burke Dental Center McMillan & Associates, poses a question to you. Which is more detrimental from the standpoint of your teeth – consuming a large dessert at a single sitting, or intermittent snacking throughout the day from a small bag of candy?

The answer: Snacking throughout the day from a small bag of candy. Why?

Sugars from candies, soft drinks and even fruit juices play a significant role in tooth decay. A vast variety and quantity of bacteria exist in your mouth. When the most common of sugars (sucrose) interacts with this, an acid is formed. This acid demineralizes or breaks-down dental enamel.

An acid attack lasts approximately 20 minutes after each introduction of sugar. During those long minutes, the acid is strenuously working to dissolve enamel, leaving your tooth vulnerable to decay. The sheer quantity of attacks will increase if you continuously snack on sugary treats, triggering new battles constantly.

How can you protect your enamel? About 96% of enamel consists of mineral. Its “kryptonite” is acid, and recall how that is formed. Since enamel has no way of regenerating itself, it’s important to reduce the number of attacks you subject it to.

Professional, regular dental cleanings and check-ups will help maintain what cannot be restored naturally. Visit McMillan & Associates, for help today!


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