A blond haired woman relaxing in a comfy chair to show that you can feel relaxed and calm at your dental appointment with sedation dentistry options

Sedation dentistry provides a dental experience like no other.  Our patients who deal with the challenge of dental anxiety have often been surprised at how easy and comfortable sedation dentistry has made their visit to our Burke dentist office. They often comment that they would not have put off needed dental work so long if they had known how comfortable their dental visit could be with sedation dentistry.

One of the best things about sedation dentistry is that it can be customized to fit the needs of each patient – giving each one the needed amount of anxiety releasing medication and no more.

What Options are Available for Sedation Dentistry?

Inhalation Sedation – Nitrous oxide provides a light form of dental sedation. This pleasant smelling gas is inhaled through the nose. When the procedure is over, the nitrous oxide wears off almost immediately with minimal to no side effects or recovery time.

Oral Sedation – A pill is taken an hour before a procedure that produces a light to moderate effect. While feeling sleepy, you will be able to respond to your dentist. Recovery time will take longer and you’ll need someone to drive you home.

IV Sedation – This is also considered moderate sedation, but the drug is delivered intravenously producing a much faster effect. Another important benefit is that the doctor can adjust the level of sedation needed during your procedure. You will remain totally conscious and able to respond to the dentist but will be in a state of profound relaxation. Generally, afterward, patients remember very little about what went on during their procedure. Some have described the experience as being like the flick of a switch that turns your brain off for an hour or two and then on again with no memory of what went on in-between.

UPDATE: Dr. McMillan has completed his residency for IV sedation training and is now a certified IV sedation specialist. This training included classroom education and direct participation in administering IV sedation to clinical dental cases while being observed. Under the supervision of a meticulously trained dentist like Dr. McMillan, IV sedation will make your next dental visit a truly dreamlike experience.

We know you must have more questions about sedation dentistry and we would love to answer them! You can contact our office or call us at 703-503-9490 for a friendly consultation.

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