Woman anxiously covering her mouth in fear of dental treatment. We understand the struggles of dental anxiety.

Does the thought of a visit to the dentist make you feel anxious or even downright fearful? Would you rather just live with the pain and discomfort your teeth are causing than step foot in a dentist’s office? You’re not alone. Almost 40 million Americans avoid seeing a dentist because of dental anxiety.

There is a way to have the dental care you need while feeling perfectly relaxed and comfortable – sedation dentistry! Whether you need a cleaning or a root canal, sedation dentistry can give you the best dental experience you’ve ever had.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help you relax during your procedure. You’ll sometimes hear it referred to as “sleep dentistry,” but that description isn’t accurate. Except for IV sedation, most sedation medications allow a patient to remain conscious, though relaxed, throughout his or her entire procedure. Of course, you may feel so comfortable that you nod off during your treatment and that’s fine with us!

The three levels of sedation

We have three levels of sedation that allow us to customize your sedation dentistry experience to your particular needs.

Inhalation sedation – During your treatment, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is inhaled through a breathing mask, leaving you awake but completely relaxed. This is the perfect solution for people who experience some anxiety during a dental visit but need only a light level of sedation.
Learn more about inhalation sedation.

Oral sedation – Medication in pill form is taken before your visit that offers different levels of relaxation – from minimal to moderate – depending on the dosage. Oral sedation is a good option for those who require multiple treatments during a single visit and may need a deeper and longer level of sedation.
Learn more about oral sedation.

IV sedation – Administered by controlled IV, this fast-acting sedation will keep you comfortably asleep during your visit. You’ll wake up rested with your procedure already completed while having no memory of your treatment. For those with profound dental anxiety or who need extensive dentistry, this is the perfect option.
Learn more about IV sedation.

Man laying back in dental chair relaxed with sedation dentistry. Learn the benefits of sedation dentistry

Benefits of sedation dentistry with Dr. McMillan

  1. Comfort – With sedation dentistry, you will experience the most comfortable trip to the dentist possible. After your treatment, you’ll wake up feeling well-rested and will have little to no memory of your treatment. Our patients are often surprised at how easy their dental visit was and, believe it or not, actually look forward to their next one!
  2. Saves time – Since patients can relax and remain comfortable, Dr. McMillan can work for a longer amount of time, letting him complete multiple treatments in one visit. Not having to make repeated visits to our office for treatment saves you time and money!
  3. Certified sedation dentist – Dr. McMillan is certified to administer IV sedation. This lets him be more flexible in managing patient care during treatment, instantly adjusting to any circumstances that may arise during treatment.
  4. Total anesthesia providerMany offices offer oral sedation which typically lasts only two to three hours. However, for patients who are in need of multiple treatments or longer procedures like full mouth rehabilitation or dental implants, more time is needed and an anesthesiologist needs to be there.

Daniel suffered from dental anxiety. How did sedation dentistry help him? Hear his story in this short video clip.

We can help!

At Burke Centre Dental Arts, we are experts at overcoming dental anxiety. Our advanced sedation dentistry options and, most of all, our 16+ years of experience in helping patients overcome dental fear make us uniquely qualified to help you!

Call us today at (703) 503-9490 for an appointment and let us show you how relaxed anxiety-free dentistry feels!

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