Complete health with your Alexandria dentistDid you know that regularly visiting your preferred Alexandria dentist does more than provide you with a high-class smile and sound oral health? More and more studies are revealing that there’s a correlation between the condition of teeth and gums and general overall health. Heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer have been linked to the existence of periodontal disease (serious gum disease).

Now, according to preliminary research collected by Professor Hart, the Medical Director of Fertility Specialists of Western Australia, periodontal disease may also affect fertility and be an impediment for women who are trying to get pregnant.

In a study involving more than 3400 women, it was found that women with gum disease took an average of two months longer to become pregnant than women without gum disease. (7 months in comparison to 5 months.) Furthermore, Professor Hart reported that non-Caucasian women with gum disease were more likely to take over a year to become pregnant compared to those with healthy gums.

Other studies reveal that hormone level fluctuations during the actual months of pregnancy also make expectant mothers more susceptible to developing gum disease. This research highlights that both women who are planning on having a baby and those who have already conceived should not neglect their teeth and gums along the way.

With healthy teeth and gums, and a little bundle of joy on the way, your family will have every reason to continue smiling proudly. Contact Dr. McMillan, your premier Alexandria dentist for a professional cleaning and examination today.

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