Alexandria Dental Implants Has one of your teeth been broken? Don’t assume the next step is extraction and a bridge. McMillan & Associates offer Alexandria dental implants, meaning you could escape the fate of grinding down perfectly good adjacent teeth in preparation of a bridge. Want to learn more?

Bridges: To fill the gap of a missing tooth, a “fake” tooth must be created. This prevents the migration of other teeth and provides a functional chewing surface. In times past, designing a bridge was the best alternative. It generally requires that the immediate adjacent teeth be filed down, and then capped with crowns that support a false tooth between.

The disadvantage of such a solution is that filing down teeth weakens them and makes them more susceptible to future decay, gum problems and possible root canals. As well, the false tooth will simply rest above gum tissue and over time that tissue will shrink from disuse. An adjustment to the bridge will then be required to eliminate the growing gap so food particles and bacteria don’t become trapped beneath and cause infections.

Implants: A dental implant contains a tiny “root” of titanium that is placed and integrated into your jawbone. This not only provides exceptional stability to the tooth, but also stimulates continuous bone and tissue growth that alleviate the problem of rapid tissue reduction. In addition, an implant does not require attachment to or damage of other teeth. It will have the attractive appearance and function of a natural tooth, requiring only the usual in oral hygiene care.

McMillan & Associates are proud to offer Alexandria dental implants and will help answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding such a procedure. Arrange for your consult today!


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