It is estimated that millions of Americans deal with some form of anxiety when visiting the dentist. At the Burke and Alexandria dental offices of McMillan Sedation Dentistry, we understand that dental anxiety and fears affect many, which is why we offer customized solutions that really make a difference in the lives of our patients.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Sedation Dentistry, also called sleep dentistry. Through years of training and experience, the team at McMillan Sedation Dentistry have become expert providers in this innovative service. So what can Sedation Dentistry mean for you?

Well, if worry over dental procedures has kept you from receiving necessary treatment, Sedation Dentistry in Burke can be your answer. Patients who delay visits to the dentist due to a negative experience may also find the answer in Sedation Dentistry. This service is also of great benefit to patients who wish to have multiple, complicated procedures performed during one relaxing visit.

So, if you have a smile in need of treatment, and feelings of anxiety are hindering you from scheduling an appointment, we are happy to help! The staff at our Burke office is dedicated to seeing you realize your dream of a beautiful, healthy smile, and we can help you attain it in a relaxed setting thanks to Sedation Dentistry.

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We Changed Our Name


McMillan Sedation Dentistry is now Burke Centre Dental Arts!


We're still the same great dentist and team you've come to know and trust, but we thought it was time our name better reflects all the dental services we offer under one convenient roof.


P.S. We also updated our website URL to because that's what we do; help you smile easy, pain-free, and confidently.

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