You can’t avoid the dentist any longer. Conquer your dental anxiety today! Millions of people suffer from dental anxiety or phobia. Your fear of the dentist may have started with bad experiences or heightened because you’re afraid of needles or pain. You’re not alone. But don’t let being afraid of dental procedures stop you from realizing your smile potential or ending your pain.

Visiting the Dentist is ranked number one (22%) for making people nervous, even more popular than heights (19%)

You can experience painless appointments that you won’t even remember with sedation dentistry. Through the magic of medication, you will feel relaxed, comfortable and pain-free during your dental visit. How do you feel about visiting the dentist in Burke, VA? Based on your response, what are your options for dental sedation? Play this short video to analyze your dental fears (or share it on your favorite social platform with someone you know) and then learn how to fight them forever! (or read on…)

Do you feel Dental Anxiety?

“I’m really nervous. I’ll force myself through this dental appointment, but I’m not relaxed!” Maybe your mind is racing, imagining what this dental procedure will be like, and how much it will hurt. These could be some of your symptoms:
  • A sleepless night before your dental appointment
  • Rapid heart rate and shortness of breath
  • Butterflies in your stomach
The simple solution to your dental anxiety? Inhalation sedation using nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas”. Pretend you’re at one of those fancy oxygen bars instead of your dentist’s chair. Inhale a pleasant smelling gas and relax your tense nerves during your appointment without any side effects. You may even be able to drive yourself home.
The benefits of inhalation sedation to combat dental anxiety
What are some benefits of inhalation sedation?

Do you experience Dental Fear?

“I’m only here because this is a dental emergency. I need to have someone with me so I don’t run!” Maybe you remember bad experiences you’ve had before at the dentist and now you’re in fight or flight mode. Some of your symptoms include:
  • “accidentally” forgetting about your dental appointment
  • white knuckles gripping the dental chair the entire time
  • tears may roll down your cheeks
How can you conquer your dental fear? Oral sedation or simply put, taking some medication. Your dentist can prescribe a pill to take the night before or an hour before your appointment to make you groggy but conscious. Depending on your level of fear, your dentist can adjust your dosage as necessary. You will have vague memories of your appointment.
The benefits of oral sedation if you suffer from dental fear
What are some benefits of oral or conscious sedation?

Do you suffer from Dental Phobia?

“There’s no way I’m going to the dentist. Just smelling a dental office gives me nightmares!” Between 5-10% of adult Americans are considered dental phobics. If you suffer from a phobia you may:
  • feel so terrified of the dentist that you avoid it at all costs
  • experience panic attacks thinking about your appointment
  • become physically sick in the waiting room
What is the treatment for dental phobia? IV sedation, or administering medication intravenously. Only rigorously-trained and certified dentists, like Dr. Ruparelia can perform this type of sedation, so you can rest easy. In fact, you will fall completely asleep and have no memory of the procedure.
How IV sedation dentistry will help a person who suffers from a dental phobia
What are some benefits of IV sedation, sometimes known as “sleep dentistry”?

Conquer Your Dental Fears with Sedation Dentistry

Fear of the dentist is normal. But don’t let your dental anxiety prevent you from what you really want or need. Experience the benefits of sedation dentistry and enjoy a million-dollar smile with dental implants, finally replace that missing tooth, or just maintain your oral health with the regular cleanings you know you need. Relieving your dental anxiety starts by building trust in your dentist. Our friendly dental team at Burke Centre Dental Arts will never judge or criticize you about your fears or the state of your oral health. We’ve helped many people – who feel just like you – find the sedation treatment that helped them defeat their dental anxiety! Call us at 703-503-9490 today to schedule an appointment or send us a message. Have you ever wondered how sedation dentistry feels? Click here to download a free infographic.